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Pro 2-Way R3 in CT

Want to know that your vehicle is remote started when you can't see it? Upgrade to this 2 way 1 button remote system that features 2-Miles of range.

Pro 2-Way R3
This is the smallest remote in our line up and it is packed with features. This remote includes a 2 way feature to let you know when your vehicle is remote started and when you lock or unlock your doors it will give you a confirmation.

Most vehicles after the year 2000 require a transponder bypass module for the vehicle to remote start. If you have any questions please contact us for the correct price for your vehicle. Some cars require extra parts and/or labor. European vehicles are not included in this pricing and some can not be done. We also do not cover manual transmissions. 

Keyless Entry

If your car is equipped with power locks we can add keyless entry to this remote start system. Some vehicles even require that keyless entry is added because they have a factory alarm and adding keyless entry is the only way to disarm it.

2-Way LED Confirmation

The Pro 2-Way R3 remote provides simple LED and audible confirmation whenever you successfully remote start or secure your car. Equipped with 2-miles of range, you'll almost always be within range to remote start your car.

Drone Ready

Want unlimited distance. Add Drone to this system and have unlimited rage to start your vehicle. Click here to see all Drone Mobile features

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