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Type-X Subwoofers in CT

Extreme Performance for the Audio Enthusiast

Type-X Subwoofers
Type-X SubwoofersType-X Subwoofers

If you are looking for a high-quality subwoofer with the most accurate and precise in-vehicle subwoofer performance, then look no further. Alpine's 2nd generation state-of-the-art Type-X Subwoofers are your answer. With the advanced motor structure and new sound of these subs, you will experience higher efficiency, lower heat creation while maintaining superb sound, so you can really crank up the bass.

New Aerospace Cone Material

The Type-X cone uses new advanced aerospace materials such as Kevlar-Rohacell® parabolic cone for outstanding strength and light weight. These lighter materials minimize moving mass for greater output efficiency than ever before.

HAMR Engineering

Type-X subs are built with HAMR engineering, Alpine's exclusive subwoofer solution for cooler operation, longer life and tight accurate bass. Type-X subs are the way go.

Bass Alert

Alpine's Type-X subwoofers bring the ultimate combination of power and performance to your sound system. Engineered with high output in mind, Alpine's top-of-the-line subs handle a mind-blowing 3,000 watts of peak power, while still reproducing the tight, low frequency detail that means great bass.

Peace of mind

The reinforced tinsel lead design places both terminals on the same side, providing easier installation and wiring. The unique terminals easily accept high-gauge speaker wire. The SWX-1242D is designed for use in sealed or vented enclosures.

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