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Gentex 50A in CT

Gentex Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror w/ Compass, Temperature & HomeLink

Gentex 50A
Gentex 50AGentex 50AGentex 50AGentex 50AGentex 50A

The 50-GENK50A Auto Dimming Homelink Mirror with Compass and Temperature reduces eyestrain and driver fatigue

 Activate garage doors, gates, home lighting and more with the press of a HomeLink® butt


Research shows that during nighttime driving, headlight glare from the vehicles traveling behind you can be blinding. Even after the glare is removed, an after-image remains on the eye's retina that creates a blind spot for the driver. This phenomenon, known as the Troxler Effect, postpones driver reaction time by up to 1.4 seconds. At 60 mph, a car will travel over 123 feet in this amount of time. Gentex auto-dimming mirrors make nighttime driving safer by detecting glare and automatically dimming to protect driver vision.


Because Gentex literally invented the electrochromic mirror industry, we also had to develop the supply base, manufacturing techniques, equipment, and testing methods. It was a long learning curve. But today, our experience, proprietary manufacturing techniques, and hard work has paid off, because no other glare-reduction mirror provider in the world can match our manufacturing capabilities - not in yields, quality, or volume.


With Gentex's recent purchase of HomeLink®, all of your HomeLink options -- from mirror to module -- are available under one roof. HomeLink has been seamlessly integrated into the Gentex automatic-dimming mirror, giving drivers the ability to operate a wide variety of garage doors, estate gates, home security systems, lighting, interior electronics and appliances. The three-button interface is located as an easy-to-install module, or the base of the rearview mirror for a convenient, battery-free, programmable solution that eliminates the need for traditional clip-on transponders. HomeLink is a registered trademark of Gentex Corporation.

Integrated Compass & Temperature

Not only is this an Auto-Dimming mirror. It has a display built into the right side of the glass for temperature and compass information. Just a glance will let you know the direction you are heading and the temperature outside of your vehicle. The temperature display will also alert you if there are icy conditions.

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