Radar Detectors
Radar Detectors Radar Detectors

Radar Detectors

Giving you the ultimate in custom-installed speeding ticket protection.

Features designed with you and your vehicle in mind. ATD offers the most advanced radar detection and laser protection systems available today, completely customized for your automobile and the way you drive.

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Radar Detectors Overview

Radar Detector Installation in CT

A radar detector is able to warn you, both audibly and visually, when it detects these radar waves so that you are aware and can slow down within the speed limit in time. Premium radar detectors offer extended range and can provide more accurate readings, as well as fewer false alerts.

Radar Detection & Laser Jamming

Giving you the ultimate in custom-installed speeding ticket protection and putting you in control of where and when you hear police radar and laser alerts.

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K40 Platinum360

Dual Remote Radar with GPS Technology for Identifying Points

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K40 Platinum200

K40 Platinum200 – Single Receiver Protection

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K40 Laser Defuser

K40 Laser Defuser - Police Laser Jamming

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Frequently Asked Questions

Radar detectors are completely legal to use in non-commercial vehicles in 49 states. Virginia and Washington D.C. are the only places in the United States that currently ban radar detectors.

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