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Car Alarms

Protect your vehicle with the industry's best car alarm!

Compustar Car Alarm Systems monitor and protect your car from intrusion and theft. Choose from any of our long-range remotes for arming your vehicle

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Car Alarms Overview

Car Alarm Installation in CT

Whether you own the car of your dreams or one that meets your needs, protect your vehicle with the industry’s best car alarm!

At the core of Compustar's anti-theft systems is the DAS-II security sensor. The DAS-II is capable of detecting two stages of impact, tilt, forward motion, and glass-break.

Compustar 2-way remotes allow you to send commands to your car and receive valuable security alerts. If your shock sensors or alarm are triggered, you’ll instantly be alerted via your Compustar remote with a series of beeps (for select LED remotes) or on-screen animations (for all LCD remotes).

Most Compustar systems now come with a DroneMobile vehicle telematics module. DroneMobile adds GPS tracking and smartphone control to any vehicle. If your vehicle is towed, stolen, or taken for a “joy ride,” you can access its location instantly through the DroneMobile app.

2-Way Alarm Alerts

Compustar 2-way LCD remotes and select LED remotes provide instant alarm alerts in the event that your security system is triggered.

Custom Security Systems

Compustar systems detect all forms of intrusion and motor-theft: glass-break, impact, tilt, and movement.

Smartphone Security Alerts

In the U.S., all 2-way systems include a Drone module for unlimited range vehicle control and detailed security notifications.

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