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Work Van Shelving

Steel, Aluminum, and Folding Delivery Shelves

We offer commercial-grade adjustable shelves, giving you flexibility when organizing your workspace. Additionally, there is a wide range of accessories that can be fitted to your shelves.

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Work Van Shelving Overview

Steel Shelving

ADseries steel shelving units offer heavy-duty cargo van shelving specifically engineered to optimize space in your work vehicle. This innovative shelving unit allows you to position the shelving where you need it with one simple tool – a screwdriver.

The ADseries is available for both medium and high-roof Ford Transit vehicles and features:

  • Truly adjustable shelving
  • Adaptable rail system
  • Advanced stamped steel end panels

Aluminum Shelving

Aluminum shelves from Ranger design are exceptionally durable, and are extremely lightweight, allowing you to save more on gas. Aluminum shelves offer the same flexibility and accessory options as steel shelves.


Delivery Van Folding Shelves

Hydraulic folding shelves let you control the type of storage space you have. Effortlessly add an additional layer of storage to your van or fold it away to make room for large deliveries! 


  • Flexible storage for a variety of package sizes.
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum shelves to maximize payload.
  • Gas struts help you move the shelves up and down while reducing the rattle when in the down position.
  • 20” deep with 2” lip and available in 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” lengths.

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Adrian Steel AD Series

Adrian Steel AD Series

Exclusively from Adrian Steel: A shelving platform that allows you to put shelves where you want them, not where we think you need them!

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