Adrian Steel AD Series

Exclusively from Adrian Steel: A shelving platform that allows you to put shelves where you want them, not where we think you need them!

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Adrian Steel AD Series Overview

The ADseries is the next generation of cargo management solutions, engineered to optimize your work van storage and accessibility. Featuring truly ADjustable shelves, an ADaptable rail system, heavy-duty shelves, and an ADvanced stamped steel end panel designed to accommodate the diverse range of cargo you need to get the job done! The ADseries is an Adrian Innovation and is backed by our industry-leading 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.

AD Series Features

The ADseries features stamped steel end panels and shelves. They are strong, durable and ready to work hard. A six inch knock out at the bottom of the end panel provides 48" of floor space to accommodate sheet goods (up to 22 sheets of 1/4" drywall or a combination of thicknesses.) Contoured end panels provide 36" between the panels from the top to bottom maximizing aisle space.

Truly Adjustable Shelves

All you need is a phillips screwdriver! Simply remove two bolts from the speed nut clips that come with the shelf, tilt the shelf upwards, move the shelf to your desired location, insert the rear shelf studs, reattach the bolts, and you're done!

Shelving Where You Want It

Everyone likes to set their work van up their own way. The new ADseries shelving lets you position the shelving where you need it. Exclusive to the ADseries, the unique rail system enables you to reposition the shelving in the van, increasing the available space for trade-specific equipment. All of this is done without removing bolts, plugging holes, and redrilling the van!

Business may change over time

Your van interior should be able to change with your needs. Plug and Play shelves have pre-punched holes that allow adding storage solutions easily! ADseries dividers simply snap in place, drawer units simply bolt in and door kits can be added to lock your more valuable parts and equipment. Many Adrian Steel accessories can be added to the ADseries shelving with the rail adapter kits and end panel brackets.

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