Blind Spot Detection

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Blind-spot detection sensors expand your field of view and act as an extra set of eyes, notifying you if you become too close to a vehicle or object on either side of your vehicle.

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Blind Spot Detection Overview

See What You've Been Missing

This added safety feature helps reduce accidents that would have been caused by failing to see what's in your blind spot.

  • Alerts are shown when other vehicles, people, or objects enter the blind spot of the vehicle, adding another level of safety

  • Easy installation of the sensor, mounts behind the bumper

  • Compact design

  • Selectable speed sensing activation through CANBUS

  • Audible and visual alerts

  • Waterproof IP67 rated

Blind Spot Alert: Activates While Driving

Blind Spot standard detection is activated at speeds over approximately 12MPH.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert: Activates when in Reverse

Rear Cross-Traffic detection is activated in reverse.

Interior LED Indicator Alerts

Interior Audible Buzzer and Visual (Left & Right) LED indicator alerts you when a vehicle enters your blind spot.

15 ft Detection Range

The detection zone is approximately 15 feet to the Left or Right of the Tail Lights (Monitors speed for activation).

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