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Remote Starters

Get the best Remote Car Starters by Compustar.

A remote starter allows you to start your car from your home or office. Compustar Remote Starters are available for best-in-class performance. We offer many different options that fit a wide range of budgets and needs.

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Remote Starters Overview

Remote Car Starters Installed in CT

Start and stop your car remotely with Compustar Remote Starters installed at Attention To Detail.

When you are shopping for the best remote car starters, look no further than Attention To Detail. We have many different models to suit everyone's budget and needs. We have been professionally installing remote car starters since 1987.

We can install remote starters in most vehicles on the road today, give us a call to confirm your car is compatible. Today's vehicles are more complex and it takes a great deal of expertise to make sure the installation is correct. Our team has over 60 years of combined experience to ensure the job is done right.

Our philosophy has always been to use great products and stick to strict installation practices. That's why we are Connecticut's number-one installer of remote starters. We offer a variety of Compustar remotes that'll meet your needs and budget. Also, if you are looking to improve your vehicle's security, our remote start systems can be paired with a security system for peace of mind.

Our remote car starters are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and they do not void your factory warranty! So when you are looking for remote starter installation in Connecticut, Attention To Detail is the place to go. We have the best remote starters available on the market.

Please see our available remote options below.

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Add smartphone control to any Compustar Remote Start system.

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PRO T13 with LTE

PRO T13 with LTE

The all-new PRO T13 is the industry’s most advanced remote start and security system.

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PRO R5 with LTE

PRO R5 with LTE

The PRO R5 pairs Compustar's latest innovative features but with the classic 1-button design.

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Q9 with LTE

Q9 with LTE

The Q9 is a color LCD remote at an amazing value!

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PRO 1-Way G-15

PRO 1-Way G-15

Easy to use 1-Way Remote Starter with 3000' Max Range.

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PRO 1-Way R3

PRO 1-Way R3

Compact 1-Way Remote Starter with 3000' Max Range.

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How do remote starters work?

Remote starters can be triggered by a remote key fob or a smartphone, depending on the setup. The advantage of having a remote starter is that it can turn on your car's heating or cooling system, guaranteeing a comfortable environment in your vehicle when you're prepared to hit the road.

Control module

At the heart of every Compustar remote start and security system is a control module. This module installs inside your vehicle and executes all the commands you send from your remote or smartphone.

Bypass module

Most modern vehicles will require a bypass module for the control module to communicate with your vehicle. Bypass modules work as a “translator” so that our systems can speak your vehicle’s language.

Additional security

Greatly increase your vehicle’s security through security sensors and alarm alerts. Our premium security sensor, the DAS-II, can detect impact, tilt, and glass breakage.

Warm up your car with a remote starter!

Stay warm indoors while your car's heater defrosts with a remote car starter!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, laws are in place to protect consumers and allow you to have such devices as remote starters installed. However, if the added device is of questionable quality, or is installed improperly, warranty issues can be brought into play.

Yes we do. We also give you the option to take the unit home and wrap it as a gift. We can also install the remote start system in the vehicle without the recipient knowing, allowing you to get the installation done before the holidays.

First check the battery in the transmitter. If the battery is OK and your system is code learning, try reprogramming your transmitter. Your owner's manual contains the transmitter programming procedure. If this does not work, you may need to stop in.

The most common place to find batteries for your remote is right at Attention To Detail. Many electronics stores also carry the correct battery but if you buy the system from us, we will replace the battery for free.

We stock most replacement transmitters depending on the model of the remote start it may be a special order part. Prices vary by remote.

Most of our current manuals are available at the bottom of each webpage on this site. If you have an older remote please visit or contact us and we will get it for you.

Check the battery in your transmitter. If the battery is draining, it will weaken the signal being sent to your keyless entry/ security system. If you replace the battery and the problem does not go away, your system may need to be serviced.

Yes. Although you may require additional parts and labor at the time of installation, modules known as Bypass Modules are installed to temporally override the factory anti-theft while the remote is activated.

Yes and No, our systems are designed to be installed in parallel with the vehicle's existing OEM features, this allows the user to continue using the OEM remote as they wish. However, certain vehicles turn off the OEM transmitter when the vehicle is on

Yes, our remote starters are designed with safety in-mind. All of our systems will shut down the engine if the brake pedal is pushed or when the programmed runtime expires. Our systems can easily be placed into Service Mode also.

This would be next to impossible. All remote starters have safety and theft prevention features built-in. The ignition key must be inserted before driving, if not the engine will shut off when the brake is pressed.

Yes! DroneMobile can be installed onto all types of vehicles, including Imports, Luxury, Hybrid, and/or Diesels. The only option we do not offer is Manual-Transmission remote start. We can install an alarm system but remote start is not available on Manual-Transmission vehicles

A DroneMobile system can be installed into any Car, Truck, Boat, Tractor Trailer Truck, or any vehicle with a 12 Volt electrical system. Any vehicle or vessel can be tracked with a DroneMobile Unit.

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