PRO R5 with LTE

Model: RFX-P2WR5-SF

The all-new PRO R5 includes Compustar’s latest innovative features while still maintaining the classic 1-button design.

The remote includes:
• Brand New Proximity Unlock Feature!
• 2-Way LED Remotes with 2-Mile Max Range
• USB Rechargeable Battery
• 2-Way Alarm Alerts.

This kit also includes the powerful Drone X1 LTE module and a free 30-Day trial of DroneMobile Premium!

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PRO R5 with LTE Overview


  • Smartphone Control
  • 2-Way LED Confirmation
  • Proximity Unlock
  • Water-Resistant
  • 3-Year PRO Warranty
  • 2-Way LED Remote
  • USB Rechargeable
  • GPS Tracking
  • 2-Mile Max Range
  • 2-Way Alarm Alerts
  • Remote Start
  • Keyless Entry
  • Up to 8 Programmable Outputs
  • Up to 5 Programmable Inputs
  • Manual-Transmission Safe
  • Diesel-Engine Safe
  • Built-in Turbo Timer
  • Security Upgradeable
  • Limited Lifetime System Warranty

Proximity Unlock

Compustar’s next generation of PRO 2-way remotes features built-in proximity sensors that automatically unlock the doors when you come within 3-6 feet of your vehicle.

Water-Resistant + Durable

The Compustar PRO R5 remote is water-resistant and durably built to withstand everyday impact and weather conditions.

USB Rechargeable

The PRO R5 is the first 1-button remote to have a USB rechargeable battery! The micro-USB charging port is water-resistant and a single charge can last 45 days.

3-Year Pro Warranty

The best systems are covered by the industry's best warranty. Both 2-way remotes included with the PRO R5 kit are covered by Compustar's industry-leading PRO 3-year warranty, which protects your purchase from defects and malfunctioning components.

Free 30-Day Premium Trial

DroneMobile Premium subscriptions allow you to control and track your vehicle from anywhere. Driver monitoring even helps you to keep an eye on the habits of other drivers using your vehicle.


Pro R5 Owners Manual


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