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Paint Protection Film

Proud of your vehicle? Protect it with LLumar.

Clear paint and headlight protection products designed to prevent rock chips and abrasions from road debris.

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Paint Protection Film Overview

We get it: no matter how small, that first little nick hurts. And keeping an eye out for everyday road damage is the worst. Why not add a layer of LLumar car paint protection film? You’ll worry a lot less and enjoy driving a lot more. Our barely detectable paint protection films are the smart, easy way to keep your factory or custom paint finish looking fresh and flawless for miles.

LLumar PPF is designed to blend right in with either factory or custom paint, making it nearly invisible. This gives you the freedom to wrap every painted surface on your vehicle or mix and match coverage areas. You can protect more vulnerable areas such as the front hood, bumpers, door edges, and side-view mirrors.

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Protection from Dings & Scratches

Keep your vehicle's paint looking new with Paint Protection Film! This self-repairing film can help protect against dings and scratches from small rocks and debris.

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Highway Package

Paint Protection for the hood, bumper, mirrors, and fender.

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Ultimate Package

Ultimate Protection package covers the hood, mirrors, bumper, fender, door edge, trunk ledge, and door cups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question for us at our location. There are many makes and models of cars and trucks. Any painted surface of a car, truck, van, or SUV that is susceptible to bug damage and rock chips can be covered with paint protection film.

Paint Protection Film is most often used to cover the front portion of the hood and is also commonly applied to painted bumpers, mirror backs, truck bed rails, door handle inserts, door edges, rocker panels, mirror backs, wheel openings and more.

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