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Window Tinting

We offer premium car window tinting.

Window tinting is a popular technique used to darken the windows of a car with the application of a thin film to the surface of the glass. The tinting film blocks out some of the visible light that would normally pass through the windows, providing a range of benefits for those inside.

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Window Tinting Overview

Window Tinting in CT

Even on the coldest days, sunlight streaming into your car can feel intense. Hot spots have you shifting in your seat, and brilliant rays might leave the kids in tears. On summer days, metal seat belts get too hot to handle, and bright sunlight can create distracting glare. Tinting your windows can help ensure a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers.

  • We stay by Connecticut's state legal limit of 35%
  • Exceptional UV protection

Automotive window tinting is the process of adding a thin, dark film to the windows of a car. The film is made from a variety of materials, but most commonly it's made from polyester. The film is applied to the inside of the car's windows, and it adheres to the glass through a process of heat and pressure.

Window tinting offers a range of benefits, including protection from UV rays, increased privacy, improved safety, and reduced glare. Tinting film can block up to 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays, which can damage your skin and cause your car's interior to fade over time. Tinted windows can provide increased privacy for you and your passengers, making it more difficult to see into your car and reducing the risk of theft or unwanted attention.

When it comes to automotive window tinting, it's important to be aware of the legal requirements in your area, as there may be restrictions on how dark the tint can be on certain windows. In general, the level of tinting is regulated by the percentage of light transmission, which indicates how much light is allowed to pass through the tint.

Style & Privacy

By tinting your windows you add an extra layer of style and privacy to your vehicle.

LLumar window film blocks 99% of UV rays

Here’s a scientific fact that most people find hard to believe: While it’s rare to get sunburned through your car windows, harmful ultraviolet (UVA) rays that contribute to premature aging and skin cancer can still reach you. Damage from UVA rays is cumulative as they penetrate deep into the skin and can silently accelerate the aging process, causing wrinkles and even skin cancer. In fact, research shows that drivers in the U.S. have a higher rate of skin cancer on their left side due to exposure while driving.

Enhance Style and Appearance

Do you want your car to stand out from the crowd? Sure you do. Whether you want your ride to look elegant with clear and invisible window films, or scorching hot– LLumar window tint can help make it happen. In fact, when you have LLumar professionally installed on your car, you not only get the look you want but the privacy you seek from the outside world.

Help block heat for a more comfortable ride

It’s no secret the sun’s rays can cause car interiors to become unbearably hot. But you can keep your cool. During the hot summer months, there seems to be no escape from the blazing heat of the sun, even in your car. LLumar window tint can change all that by putting you back in control for a cooler, more comfortable ride.

Reduce Heat and Glare

Fiddle less with window shades, or don’t use them at all. Keep in mind: the darker you go, the more you reduce glare.

Premium Window Tinting

High-performance window tint delivers the ultimate in appearance, comfort, and protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Car windows should stay closed for the first 3 to 4 days.

Window tinting provides a range of benefits, including reduced heat and glare, increased privacy, improved safety, and protection from harmful UV rays.

Automotive window tinting is the process of adding a thin, dark film to the windows of a car to reduce the amount of light that enters the vehicle.

No. In the state of Connecticut the front 2 windows of any vehicle can only be as dark as 35%. On Vans, SUVs, Trucks & Wagons the back windows can be any shade while on a sedan the back roll down windows can only be 35% also.

Haze or condensation is normal during curing, which takes 2-3 weeks. Parking your car in the sun during the day will accelerate this process.

Use only so cloth and mild window cleaners on the inside of car windows.

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