Introducing the Q9: Compustar’s Newest 2-Way LCD Remote

Monday, July 18, 2022
Introducing the Q9: Compustar’s Newest 2-Way LCD Remote

Earlier this winter, Compustar revealed the Q9 2-Way Remote Kit.

For the past twenty years, Compustar’s mission has been to provide the best vehicle remote start and security experience. Year after year, we’ve accomplished that mission through the premium quality and usability of our 2-way remotes. The Q9 will provide 2-way confirmation and security notifications from up to 3,000-feet away. This remote kit includes an FMX antenna, which features 128-bit encryption to ensure secure command transmission* between your remote and vehicle.

*Fun Fact – Nearly all Compustar remote kits, with the exception of legacy AM models, feature some degree of “frequency-hopping” technology to prevent interception of transmission. Today, our FM, SS, and SF remotes provide the highest level of protection.
The Compustar Q9 Remote Kit is the perfect upgrade for any Compustar remote start or security system. We are especially excited to debut the Q9’s new vibrant color LCD and 4-in-1 remote start button!


Vibrant Color LCD

Compustar Q9 features a similar LCD to our PRO flagship, the PRO T13, but at a fraction of cost! The benefit of this high-contrast, backlit LCD is that you’ll be able clearly see your vehicle’s status in both sunny and dark conditions. Whether you’re locking your doors at the park or the movie theatre, you’ll know your vehicle is secure!


4-in-1 Button

Compustar Q9 has five buttons. The side buttons are for lock, unlock, trunk, and menu. The button on the front of the remote is primarily for remote start. However, this front button can actually execute four different commands!

  • Tap the button to lock your doors and arm your security system.

  • Double-tap the button to unlock your doors and disarm your security system.

  • Hold the button down for 3 seconds for remote start.

  • While remote started, hold the button down for 3 seconds to shut down the engine.

We made the Compustar Q9 this way simply for hand comfort. Because lock and unlock are arguably the two most accessed functions, we wanted to give users two ways to send these commands. Tap the button that feels most comfortable and convenient for you!

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