Gentex 20A
Gentex 20A Gentex 20A Gentex 20A Gentex 20A Gentex 20A

Gentex 20A

Gentex Auto-Dimming with Compass and Temperature

Make Nighttime Driving Safer! Eliminate dangerous headlamp glare from the vehicles traveling behind you with a Gentex automatic-dimming rearview mirror.

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Gentex 20A Overview

It detects glare and automatically dims to preserve driver vision and make nighttime driving safer. The Gentex 20a also offers a compass and a temperature display. The new dual display simultaneously shows the vehicle's heading and outside temperature. ICE indicator displays for one minute when the temperature is at or below 37 degrees, helping you anticipate road-icing conditions.


Research shows that during nighttime driving, headlight glare from the vehicles traveling behind you can be blinding. Even after the glare is removed, an after-image remains on the eye's retina which creates a blind spot for the driver. This phenomenon, known as the Troxler Effect, postpones driver reaction time by up to 1.4 seconds. At 60 mph, a car will travel over 123 feet in this amount of time. Gentex auto-dimming mirrors make nighttime driving safer by detecting glare and automatically dimming to protect driver vision.


What's more, the Gentex 20a Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror comes with a self-calibrating digital display compass. You'll always know which direction you've headed thanks to the eight directional readouts (N, NW, W SW, S, SE, E, and NE).

Temperature Display

In the same display of the Gentex 20a, Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror is a temperature read-out. This will also let your know about icy conditions.


We also offer any of these mirrors with a Back-Up Camera screen built right into the display. See our Auto-Dimming Back-Up Camera Mirrors under the safety section of our website.


Gentex Auto Dimming Mirror Manual

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